Activities and beaches

Along the coast there are many tavernas and restaurants where visitors can try the local delicacies, such as rabbit stew, goat meat, zucchini balls, pasta, charcoal grille octopus, fresh fish and tsipouro, the renowned beverage of Antiparos.


Along the stone paved main street of the island someone can find many shops with traditional gifts and delicacies. For the cinema lovers, there is a traditional open air cinema, bringing back memories of our childhood, with the smell of pop corn and the flowers all around. In the evening, visitors can enjoy themselves at one of the bars and clubs in the capital.

Enjoy pristine beaches

with clear blue waters ideal for swimming, fishing, snorkeling.

Antiparos Island has many secluded coves and pristine beaches, where visitors have the opportunity to spend endless hours relaxing under the sun and bathing in cool waters.

In eastern coast and moving south, you will find:

  • A short distance from the port (10 min walking) are the Psaralikes. There are 2 beaches (Psaraliki 1 and  Psaraliki 2) with sand and large trees providing shade. You can rent deckchairs and eat or drink in the adjacent cafe.
  • At a distance of approximately 1,5 km you reach the beach, Panagia (Psaraliki 3). Beach with pebbles and very thick shade.Here also you can rent deckchairs and you can eat at a nearby restaurant.
  • Approximately 3,5 km from the village you will reach   Glyfa beach.  A big sandy beach with no shade.
  • At a distance of 7 km found the beach Apantima. A little shady cove with small pebbles and a restaurant.
  • At 8 km from the country reach Soros beach. Popular beach with fine pebbles and deep waters. You'll find deckchairs and restaurants

But if you're looking for some quiet and beauty are the beaches :

  • Agios Sostis, a small sandy beach with turquoise waters, approximately 2km from Soros and Faneromeni : a small creek which is located near the southernmost tip of the island in between the rocky coastline with white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters
  • In the area of Agios Giorgis , there are two beaches: Kako Rema is a quiet sandy  beach  where you can relax  and the main beach of Saint George fine sand, umbrellas and sunbeds.

On the west side of the island the nearest beach from the village is 

  • Sifneikos . Sandy beach 5 minutes walk from the square.
  • Livadia beach is a beach just 17 km from the village with sand but  no shade.
  • Monastiria are two beaches inaccessible between two hills in the western part of the island with beautiful sandy bottom.

In the northern part of the island are the beaches of camping

  • a great beach across the island diplo to which you can even go walking through the water and a lower east with some shade. Both are sandy with relatively shallow waters.
  • Agios Spiridon beach located east before Glaros apartments. There is shade from the trees and  the shallow water  is a haven for all children.
  • In the northeastern part of the island in front of Glaros is the kalargyrous beach.  The quietest beach of the island with sandy and rocky bottom.

Here you can see some photos of Antiparos beaches around Glaros studios apartments.

Those interested in sports and other activities during their vacations, have many great options: Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Fishing and Pedaled Boating, Hiking, Trekking and Cycling throughout the seaside and countryside of Antiparos, are some of the most enjoyable ones.

Also, Windsurfing and Kite surfing on Paros island, Pouda beach, just an 8-minute ferry ride to the island. A 5x5 football ground is available, in case football is your favorite sport. Those that love walking in the nature, they should visit the magnificent cave on Agios Ioannis Hill, the ruins of the Venetian Castle and the antiquities on Despotiko Isle.
Excursions to the islands of Paros, Mykonos, Tinos, Iraklia, Koufonisi or Santorini, are offered daily, while passengers boats offer you a tour around the coasts of Antiparos.